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Re: big family moms....diff between DC#2-#3?

Well ...

See my sons were born in 94,96,98 ...and my youngest son is autistic...
My oldest son was VERY jealous of his brother when he was born, and again tossed the jealous streak with his younger brother...

With all of my sons, I co-slept, I didn't breastfeed my boys though they did not take to it...

However, with this said..
I noticed things became easier when my fourth child came along. I think boys and girls are very different. My DD#1 was VERY fearless, and she did EVERYTHING early on, and I don't think my sons were prepared for that (she crawled at four months, walked at 7 months!!! was running at 10 months , crazy!) but my oldest son always showed his jealous streak (and DD was born in 2002!)
I think as well that my DS did not want me to have anymore, but he kept it to himself... my sons and my daughters have different fathers - and my sons' father remarried in 2002 and had a daughter of his own in 2003 (long don't want to go there !!!) and my oldest DS had a heck of a time with that fact that my DD was born in Dec 2002 and his other sister was born in March of 2003...he still has a hard time with it.

For me however, i've noticed that it is easier with more. To be honest, its so much fun! I mean I am completely nuts when I say this, that I don't think im done and I think in a couple of years another LO will come along, boy or girl I don't know.

I think its fun too because when they are older, they love to help out with the new LO. My dd loves to play and help out with her little sister, who's now 7 months old. She LOVES her to pieces !!! She loves her brothers too...

)Oi I ran away with this comment, oopS!

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