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Re: big family moms....diff between DC#2-#3?

My hardest transitions were adding number 2 and number 6. Number 5 was the easiest. We switched to a more AP style of parenting around the time number 3 came along and that actually made things easier for us. You don't have to worry so much about what to do with the baby when the others need you. You just take them with you. You are not as sleep deprived as with co-sleeping you actually have a chance to sleep. The only hard part for us is when an older one still wants to be in our bed as we are not comfy with an older child sharing a bed with a newborn. But we've managed to either have them sleep with a sibling instead, in a small bed on the floor of our bedroom or on the nights they MUST stay with us, my husband keeps them next to him on the outside of the bed so they can't get near the baby. But going from 2 to 3 was really not that hard.
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