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Re: Vaccine Safety Warranty

This waiver wouldn't be to "stick it to them" it would be to shut them up I don't belive there are any of us here who think docs are trying to purposely harm our children... but many docs are ill informed when it comes to vaccines and are VERY pushy and adament about the children they see being vaccinated. There are many moms on here who have been kicked out of their peds office for refusing to vax.
I don't believe that we should be confrontational all the time either... but MOST mainstream PEDS are confrontaional themselves about this subject and we moms NEED something to fire back with so that they know where we stand and why!
I also don't believe that there is a single PED in the world that would sign this... but that would not be the point of it. The point would be to return their waiver with one of our own to show them how ridiculous they are being.
There are many doctors who will absolutely not leave a mama alone when it comes to vaxxing this would be a much needed reprieve for those mamas because she could say.. "okay, I will vax my children, but only after you provide this information, and sign this.".
And many (me included) are on state funded health care that makes doc choices very limited so you have to see whoever you can and sometimes there is not a single non/delayed vax friendly doc as a possibility!
Thankfully I was finally able to find an old-fashioned Family doc who is great... My children are the only ones he sees at all Everyone else he sees is adults!
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