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Re: Vaccine Safety Warranty

Originally Posted by happyinseattle View Post
I guess I just don't get it... I fail to see the need to be confrontational. When a doctor asks you to sign a waiver, they are doing it to protect themselves and their livelihood. Contrary to what a lot of people here seem to believe, I really don't think any of the pediatricians are out to harm your child on purpose.

Of course, if you feel attacked by your pediatrician then you should probably change practices anyway, but I still fail to see the need for trying to "stick it to them" with this waiver.
Like I said in the first line of my OP: I get tired of peds wanting me to sign papers stating how I'm harming my child or refusing 'treatment' because we don't vaccinate.

We only have one office in our area that will even see my children b/c they aren't vaccinated. They are very aggressive. I fail to see the need to sign a paper that states we won't vaccinate (the doctor has NO liability there!). Plus, I'm not confrontational, this helps me stand up for my children.
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