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Re: Vaccine Safety Warranty

Originally Posted by Jesus_Freak_955 View Post
Like I said in the first line of my OP: I get tired of peds wanting me to sign papers stating how I'm harming my child or refusing 'treatment' because we don't vaccinate.

We have one office that will even see my children b/c they aren't vaccinated. They are very aggressive. I fail to see the need to sign a paper that states we won't vaccinate (the doctor has NO liability there!). Plus, I'm not confrontational, this helps me stand up for my children.
In this day and age and with such a litigious society, I can certainly understand a pediatrician wanting it "signed off" if you decide not to vaccinate, and I really don't see why you would have a problem doing so. I was perfectly willing to sign a form saying I understood what I was doing when I refused the hep B vaccine at birth.

And perhaps you do not mean to be confrontational... but I can certainly understand where it could come off as being confrontational if you were to wave this in front of a doctor's face. I guess I just don't understand what benefit it will bring--it's not going to change anything from the doctor's standpoint and it's unlikely to really help you either. And in general I am in favor of a lot of "non-standard" health practices, but I guess I just feel like you get more bees with honey, so to speak.
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