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Re: Should my DD start school??

I've really struggled with this issue. My daughter will turn 5 in September and she will start kindergarten this year. I know TONS of people who have had the opposite experience, but I was always the oldest in my class and I hated it. I was often bored and didn't try my hardest. I have struggled with my daughter because I want to do what is best for HER, not what would have been best for me. She had preschool last year and this year, and after talking about it a lot with my husband and her teacher, we all think she is ready to start kindergarten. I really don't think that is the right decision for every kid. I don't think there is a *right* thing to do, because kids are all different in what intimidates them, what motivates them, etc. I think what really helped me make my decision is that I would have a much easier time if I wanted to hold her back than if I wanted to skip her ahead a grade.

Good luck with your decision. I'm so glad my other 2 were born in the earlier months of the year!
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