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Re: Should my DD start school??

I think it depends on the child. Usually it isn't a problem right away, though some children may not be mature enough to handle it (Kearnan has a little boy in his class who just made the cut off and he is really struggling, he should have been kept home another year or in preK). So if you don't feel like she would be mature enough to handle it then another year of preK would probably be better. However if you feel like she is mature enough it might be fine. However everyone I have spoken to have told me that as they age these younger kids have trouble. THey are always the youngest in their class. The last to get their driver's license, the last to turn 18, and frequently even their peers tend to look at them like younger siblings instead of equals. Which can be debilitating socially. However again, if you feel like your daughter is mature and ready, having a birthday in early August isn't super young. AS you said, the cutoff is October so there is a chance there will be even younger kids.

Kearnan was supposed to go into 1st this year. It woudl have been his first year of school. His birthday is August 4th, well before our late Sept school cut off. However, I felt like for him being the youngest by close to a year would be worse than being the oldest by a few months (if he went in to second grade many of the kids would be turning 8 within the first few months of school starting, I thought it was better to start 1st at 7yrs and part of a month with the other kids turning 7 in a month or twos time). However because of some failures on the schools part when it wsa time to do his evaluations he didn't have the aid and adaptive technology in place (he has special needs) so he tested poorly and he wound up in K. It is working pretty well really, he enjoys it and because he does have social difficulties in some ways K is good for him. However the chaos of the K classroom and the fact that it doesn't challenge him intelectually is starting to show. He is having behavioral problems outside the realm of normal for him. And it is because he is overstimulated by the noise and activity that wouldnt' be present in the 1st grade classroom. Luckily it is a charter school and very small so he is able to move around at his own pace and at his needs. So he can move up to 1st for part of the day to ease his boredom and fill his desires for structure and still get more socialization help in the K room. But that is a whole other topic I think. Anyway that is what we did, but Kearnan is a diffrent case because he is special needs.

My nephew turned 5 just before our school cutoff, but his mother and father decided to keep him out for one more year. He is quite immature for his age so in that way it was probably good. However I think the babysitter they use coddles the kids too much and I think maybe getting him away from her would have been beneficial. He will have a hard time adjusting to K, so maybe doing it sooner might have been better. But that is what they decided to do.
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