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Re: BFing and baby bowel movements?

DJ didn't poop at all for the first three days...they wouldn't let us leave the hospital until he went! Anyway, while he was working out the meconium, his poops were irregular and he was very gassy but once that was done and he started with the bf was all the time!! Just a warning, around 5-6 weeks, things can slow down again because they get more efficient at eating and digesting and your body is getting in a routine as far as production so there's less waste. EBF babies can go as long as 15 days between poops with no problems. As long as baby is comfortable, it's fine...but if baby is uncomfortable, don't let anyone tell you it's not possible for a bf baby to get's rare but not unheard of. Anyway, that's another matter. If you think the gas is making her uncomfortable right now, try warm baths, baby massage, laying her on her tummy on your lap, chest, or shoulder, or laying her on her back and "bicycling" her legs to help loosen things up. We used to have to do that with DJ all the time but it really did help.

For your engorgement, I remember that and am not particularly looking forward to it again! The good news is that it should level out within a couple of days. In the meantime, take a warm shower and see if you can let down and just let the milk flow out for a minute. That will relieve some of the pressure without stimulating your body to produce more. Cold compresses help too as does Advil. Try not to pump or manually express if you can help it at this point, because that will make your body think that you need all that extra milk and you'll keep producing it. Do nurse as often as you need to and as often as baby will though. I have serious issues with waking a sleeping baby for ANYTHING so it's hard to say if she's only waking every 3 hours. DJ was always a snacker and would take about .5 ounce every 45 minutes or hour around the clock (he was unable to latch so I pumped and bottlefed exclusively in the beginning) but I think if he had been sleeping for 3 hours at a time, I would have been inclined to let him go unless there was an indication of a medical problem.

Oh yeah, one more thing on the gas, don't worry about switching sides after x number of minutes or whatever. Let her nurse on one side until she's drained it. The foremilk is thinner and watier and will tend to cause gas while the hindmilk is fattier and healthier and has a laxative effect. So you want to make sure she empties one breast before moving to the other one so that she's getting a balance. When DJ did start nursing, he always took just one side at each feeding and in fact, I had such an oversupply when he first started nursing that he would nurse off the same side for 2 or 3 feeds in a row before switching.

Good does get easier, I promise!
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