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Re: Sick of being the Favorite!

Originally Posted by momof4girls View Post
They know that minute might easily be a few hrs (you cant get him off his internet game he plays). I totally understand.
Wow DH here used to not care for the computer, NOW he lives on the thing playing the d@mn games! We don't have video games except N64 (we're so outdated in that aspect). And today he was fixated on doing the taxes, that's fine and dandy not listening to a word I said!

I breastfed my son as well, I think it just wasn't AS demanding because it was him only. DS has been jealous of newborn DD so it has been rough. He went through a stage at the beginning where he DIDN'T want me, it was as if he resented me for bringing DD home.

Then he went through a strictly Mommy stage, NO DADDY. Now he's starting to let Daddy read him stories and such before bed but certain things I still have to do which is ok, but the most frustrating part is the fact that it always seems to land on the moments DD needs to eat. I think that's part of my issue.

Whenever she is awake during the day and not fussing it's almost like I'm always anticipating her starting to fuss. I spoke to a few mom friends who've said the same thing. There is that peaceful feeling or shall I say relaxing feeling when you know the kids are sleeping and you actually have a few hours to do...well whatever you want to!

I told DH tomorrow I'm going out alone to do some shopping...buying a high chair (I have a coupon and sounds like a great reason to get out of the house). Maybe stop a few other places. I don't know, I'll find something to do!
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