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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

See in NC they cannot dump-they have to send home everything and it has to be an AIO or Pocket ready to go-"a waterproof layer has to be attached to the inner diaper to make one piece" and then it is still up to the center-the problem I'm having now is the center that she would be going to is okay with it but they have never done cloth before and she does not allow diapers to stay in the building-after diaper changes teh diapers go out to get disposed of. And she doesn't want my diapers out side exposed to the elements either-I tried to explain a wetbag to her but she doesn't want diapers inside-she doesn't want to chance teh smell-I would be okay with her putting them in a wet bag in a pail outside teh classroom door-there is an over hang so they should be pretty protected and its in a fenced area-idk I just really don't want to have to put her on sposies for dc-does anyone have any suggestions on how to contain the diapers out of the room but not in the elements or any other sugg at all to convince her that cd isn't that bad-we've come a long way in 25 years I go in on Monday (for a job interview as well-that would be perfect to work at the dc my dd goes to instead of a job I don't like for around the same pay!) I would love any other suggestions-I like the individual wet bag idea and I would think she would go for it-but it doesn't hurt to have a few back up plans either thanks again mamas
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