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Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?

I asked our vet and he said you can't get around the rabies. But almost all states have the 3 year vaccine, so you only have to do it every 3 years. You don't have to give any other vaxes.

If someone found out you hadn't been vaccinating for rabies, you'd face a very hefty fine, per cat. If in the rare instance that one of your cats broke the skin on anyone, the DR. would have to report it and you'd face fines AND they'd confiscate your cats until they passed quarantine (you have to pay for that too.)

We have a bunch of indoor cats and we only vaccinate for rabies. All the other vaccines exist to protect your cat. I'm not sure what for if they're completely indoor, especially as so many of them can cause cancer. Rabies is more to protect people. Do what works for you. HTH!
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