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Re: Do you vaccinate your pets?

If my kids were small I'd selectively vax. My pets really aren't vaxed. We live in the country and have a indoor-outdoor cat and just lost a 15year old indoor cat (never vaxed) to plain old old age. We also have two indoor/outdoor dogs.
I've never heard of anyone's pets getting rabies from anything out here (we have raccoons, possums, coyotes, and whatnot) - altho' I guess it could happen. Our vet asks me about vaxes when we do go in, but I just kinda pass them off and they know our pets are mostly indoors and for some reason don't push it. Maybe b/c I've very knowledgable about their care and have been known to self-diagnose the critters (we have other exotics as well as the domestics), just needing the vet for Rx-s. lol. Dunno. I guess it depends on where you live and what conditions your pets are in (if you live at or have a kennel next door or something... I know our shelter is always coming up with parvo and things) -- I can't say that I believe that pet vaxes are any safer or better than vaxes for kids.

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