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Re: Why are my SB leaking?

Originally Posted by tg_canada View Post
My baby is only 4 months old. Her measurements put her into a small or the beginning of mediums so I bought her mediums so they would fit longer. I know the mediums aren't too small for her and I know it's not do to heavy wetting since the insert is not saturated. For example, with the poop going through, it is obvious that the poop went through the seam holes. The hemp insert was only very lightly wet as my baby doesn't usually pee and poop at the same time. If a diaper can't contain poop...well then it's not really a diaper!

My baby is about 15.5 pounds and 26" long. I know larges don't fit her as we have some large Swaddlebees fitted and the legs gape huge because they are way too long in the rise for her.

I have tried BSWW with her for her fitted and she didn't have barely any room around the waist in the smalls and the mediums were up to her chest. They fit her terrible so I took them back. And they were really bulky on her as well. We have wool we are using for her fitteds, but I don't want my wool to end up poopy. And her fitteds don't leak through the stitching...

Nicole, I am glad you are coming up with a solution to your problem. But if your diaper is leaking through the stitching, seems to me the diaper has an issue, not you. Maybe if a bunch of us with the issue report it to Swaddlebees, they can make a change so this doesn't keep happening to others.
Problem is, I cant tell if its through the stitching or not. My dd is 18# and 27" long. Shes not EBF so how do I tell where its leaking? I KNOW its at the legs for sure. The BACK of the legs to be precise. Maybe it IS leaking through the stitching holes. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!
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