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Re: Why are my SB leaking?

Originally Posted by jamesandjennie View Post
My smallest is 4mo, too, and about the same size. The larges fit her great. The elastic on the AIOs is much tighter that other SB products- the mdium pockets gape on her legs, but the large AIOs are fine. I have both snap and aplix, and both fit her. I actually just traded all of my mediums for larges with another mama because the large AIOs can fit all 3 of my kids. Just FYI, if that helps at all.
I find the fitted elastic much stretchier than the AIO, but I find that it fits the same. She is on the middle snap for thighs in both the AIO and fitted and the smallest setting for waist on both as well. The fitted elastic has more give though. I know the larges won't fit my DD due to her really low rise. The mediums are almost too long in the rise for her, if they were even slightly longer in the rise, they would gape at her legs.
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