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Re: Recipes for 18 month old who is allergic to milk , eggs , and wheat plus others

Neither of my kids have food allergies that we are aware of...but we do try to limit dairy and eggs as much as possible (we're vegetarians).

I have a recipe book called "Viva la Vegan". Being a vegan recipe book it has all egg and dairy free recipes. And almost every recipe has a wheat free option. It does use a lot of nut butters...not sure if you have introduced nuts yet. I haven't made a lot of the entre recipes...but I have tried (and loved) a lot of the baked goods. Best chocolate chip cookies ever!!!! I can PM you some recipes to try if you want. I've heard her other vegan recipe books are good- just not sure about the wheat free options.

Another author is Nava Atlas- I have a few of her vegetarian cookbooks and many of the recipes have wheat free options. She does have a vegan (egg and dairy free) recipe book too.

I think there have been a few threads here on DS too. (More...) You could also check out vegetarian and vegan forums like veggieboards .

I hope this helps.
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