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Re: Antibody/Antigen E anyone?

I have the same thing. This is pregnancy #6 for me, and it just showed up this time. I have my blood drawn once a month to check on my titer. My doctor said as long as it stays below 1:16, we are considered safe. If it goes up, then I will be referred to a high risk ob. I've seen the high risk ob already for my genetic testing (over 35 yrs) and mentioned the issue. He said that if my titer rises, he will want to do more ultrasounds to check for signs of anemia in the baby. This condition is just as dangerous as being rh neg because E is connected to D (which is what rh is called in the blood bank). FYI it is also connected to C. (I spent many years as a blood banker)

I looked at a study done at a university hospital (I don't currently have that link), but the outcome for babies born to mom's with AntiE with the proper surveillance is very favorable. Even if the titer goes up, the worst case scenario would be in utero transfusions or early delivery. Either way, the odds are great that our babies will survive (and thrive!).
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