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Re: FTLOC: Monday! Where's the coffee?


We had a pretty good night! Right now Caleb is sitting on the potty - He definately doesn't "get" it yet - yesterday when he peed he looked at it like WTH?? He woke up this AM with a dry diaper but so far nothing I''m even bribing him with a Thomas train for everytime he goes but apparently bribery doesn't work.

Couple things planned today - first I have someone coming over to drop of some yarn for YYMN and then my SIL is coming over (actually I don't know what time she's coming LOL) and I'm going to give her the skirt I made for my neice

So lots to To Do:

Fold and put away diapers
Feed Kiddos
Get Kiddos dressed
Charge Ipod
Clean LR
Vacuum LR
Put some Laundry away
Clean Kitchen
Put on DW
Sweep Floors
Wash Floors
Make our Bed
Tidy up all bedrooms

Knitting To Do:
Finish DH's Cowl
Start YYMN Longies!!
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