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Re: Antibody/Antigen E anyone?

Hi there!
I was Anti-E and Anti-Kell in my last pregnancy. It was closely monitored thru my pregnancy (monthly blood draws to check levels and sonos at the MFM office.) My dd was born naturally without any complications at 38 wks. They tested her at birth and she was not E or Kell positive, so that's why it went so well. My husband's blood was tested when we found out I was Anti-E and Anti-Kell and he is hetrozygotic E & Kell positive (means that 50% of his cells have it, so we had a 50/50 chance of the baby having it.) Had the baby been positive as well, the risks would of been much higher.

I blogged about my pregnancy (see siggie) and you can do a search for isoimmunity if you want to read about our experience.

There is another DS mama that had the same condition as me, but her levels got really high and they had to do in-utero transfusions & early delivery, plus blood transfusions after birth. Her dd is gorgeous and healthy now. She also blogs: Me? A Mom? I learned a lot about isoimmunity from Cara.

Hope your levels stay low and you have a healthy pregnancy.
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