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Question Any one else have this problem???

Too much milk...

I know there are those of you who would say this isn't a problem...especially if you are struggling with your supply but I really have too much.

DD is 5 weeks old and at night she'll sleep about 6 hrs. After she's been asleep about 4 hrs, I'm supper hard and full almost to the point of engorged. So I pump because otherwise I can't sleep due to the discomfort. When I pump, it takes me pumping 3 oz from each side just to soften...not empty. We recently starting giving DD a bottle (with milk I've pumped) for one feeding a day and the same thing happens. If I don't pump, I'm engorged by the next feeding.

So far I've been freezing everything I pump but I'm running out of freezer space and containers to freeze it in. And is not like I just have 4 bottles for storage. I have:
4-5 oz bottles
8-2 oz bottles
10-6 oz bottles
15-8 oz bottles
And they are almost all currently in use. I don't want to buy more but I hate the thought of just dumping the milk I pump.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
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