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Re: Delayed Vaxers ?

Theres no magic formula, vaxs are poisions that we put into our bodies everybodys different on how they transfer those toxins out... I say vax slow and feed them plenty of Vit. c and e and other antioxidents. My ds just has had 1 one dtap shot at 7 months and we will do hat series then start another one at a time, I don't see what the big rush is about. he will not be recieveing the hep. b they say its good for 15 years. I don't understand why there vaxing a baby against a std that only lasts 15 years? Yeah like hes gonna go get tattoed do inteveneous drugs and be sleeping around berfore the age of 15, that alone proves the drug co.s push just think about how much $ those vac. co.s started to make when the instated that.
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