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Re: Any one else have this problem???

Originally Posted by davesaysimaturd View Post
Too much milk...

I know there are those of you who would say this isn't a problem...especially if you are struggling with your supply but I really have too much.

DD is 5 weeks old and at night she'll sleep about 6 hrs. After she's been asleep about 4 hrs, I'm supper hard and full almost to the point of engorged. So I pump because otherwise I can't sleep due to the discomfort. When I pump, it takes me pumping 3 oz from each side just to soften...not empty. We recently starting giving DD a bottle (with milk I've pumped) for one feeding a day and the same thing happens. If I don't pump, I'm engorged by the next feeding.

So far I've been freezing everything I pump but I'm running out of freezer space and containers to freeze it in. And is not like I just have 4 bottles for storage. I have:
4-5 oz bottles
8-2 oz bottles
10-6 oz bottles
15-8 oz bottles
And they are almost all currently in use. I don't want to buy more but I hate the thought of just dumping the milk I pump.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
I had this problem with my first baby- wayy too much milk. its either pump and dump or store it. You could try sneaking in some snacky feeding for your babe to lessen it a bit for the times when you use the bottle- is there are reason you are using the bottle anyway- are you planning on going to work or something. If this is the case all the BrM you saved now can really come in handy.

My fav way to store brm... freeze milk in ice cube trays and then pop into freezer bags. The trays I used with my first measured out to each cube being 1 1/2 ounces. Made it really easy to know how much milk to get or leave without wasting it. If you do not have a deep freezer then make sure you are storing your milk in the main part of your freezer and in the back- not near the front or in the door.

If you belong to a moms group or something you could ask if anyone needs some for supplementing- I did that for several moms.

As your baby gets older though your milk will start to regulate itself better. However if you do continue to pump a lot or miss feeding to use bottles and then to pump then your body will continue makingthat much milk because it goes on demand. Therefore if what you want to do is get your milk to not do that then only pump or hand express to relieve the engorgment but not to really pump. Take a shower during these times or just let the milk drain out but don't really stimulate t to keep flowing with pump or hand- kwim.

Anyway it does eventually even out...Minda
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