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Re: Finding a sitter on craigslist?

Originally Posted by jrpbrown1 View Post
Did I give the impression I would not be doing this as well?

I'm not looking for someone to sit tomorrow.

Sorry if I wan't clear about that. One women replied right away and seems great. Notice the use of "seems". I was thinking of meeting her at her house so I could check things out. She has a toddler herself, lives with her mom, went back to school for a new career.

I was also thinking of having whoever we hire over a few times while I am home and working upstairs before leaving them alone with my kid. Then transition to afternoons out with DH, because DD has never had anyone other than us put her to bed. Then move to nights out if it works out. Is that totally paranoid?

You ladies have confirmed that I really need to keep my eyes and ears open if I persue this. Thanks!
Thats a GREAT idea!!! goodluck and i hope she works out.
also do the come home early to"catch and see for yourself" how things are running while your not expected to be home i remember seeing on like montel or something and it was tlaked about just dropping by w/o the sitter knowing to check on things, keeps them on there toes if they arent doing there job right and next time they wont know if you will be dropping by again out of
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