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Re: What are these metal things for?? Oven & pics

Yep. Those are broiler pans. The perforated part sits on top of the other one so, if you're broiling meat, the grease will drip through the grate and be caught by the bottom half. They are meant to sit right on the oven rack.....there isn't any special bracket to hold them or anything. You just move the oven rack up close to the broiler element (at the top of most ovens) and then slide your broiler pans and food on top of the rack.

The oven manufacturers include broiler pans with most ovens because they are heavy-duty metal/enamel and safe to use with the high heat of the broiler. Most ordinary baking pans warp if you put them under the broiler. And non-stick pans can give off deadly fumes, so you want to avoid those especially.
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