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Re: So, who loves...

Originally Posted by Manna00
Meh.. they arn't a "special" thing to me... I just don't like 'em. Did I mention HOW my DH eats his double stuff oreos? Firstly, the man is 6"4' 225 pounds and a professional wresting referee... if that helps your image of him....

He takes a BIIG cereal bowl (we have special "cereal only" bowls in the house for him), fills it with milk and literally pops the cookies into the milk and lets them float like they WERE cereal. Then... he eats them... like cereal. Ugh.. just thinking of it makes my stomach all icky! But, he loves 'em... so I buy them once in a while when they're on sale....

Maybe some poor, destitute mama will come to my door one day needing oreos... in which case, I have some for her in my pantry!

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