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Re: Any one else have this problem???

I have been pumping almost 15 months for my daughter...I had this issue about 4 weeks post after my 4th baby was born I was exclusively pumping because she couldnt breastfeed yet-she was a 27 weeker (1 lb 11 oz) and only taking in a teaspoon of my milk at a time through a feeding tube. I had 1/2 the NICU freezer ful- then they said i had to store the rest at home because other mom's needed the space- by the time she came home at 3 months old , i had my entire chest style deep freezer full and 3/4 of the upright deep freezer full-i used 2 containers and eventually bags to store my milk, bags took up less room... each container/bag had 4-6 oz of milk and there were over 400 of them !!!!. Kirsten came home at 3 mos old and , at 4 1/2 lbs exclusively breastfeeding and i still had to pump after she was done because i was still full. within 1 month of her coming home she had to get tube fed again due to some severe GI /feeding issues and had to be re-hospitalized a few times . I am so glad we didnt toss that milk! We were able to provide a big ol' stash of frozen milk from the min she was admitted - so there was never an issues of her not getting my milk because none was on hand when in the ICU She is still tube fed about 99% of her feeds - has a G-tube now-and as she got older my supply went down-that breastmilk was a fabulous backup! I have used up all that milk and struggling to keep up with the supply of 32 oz through her feeding tube a day- which would have been no prob back when she was a newborn because i was pumping about 2 liters worth a day back then! right now you are making a lot of milk because your baby is so young and you are transitioning your supply to meet her needs .As far as storingyour milk, lansinoh makes great breastmilk storage bags that store really flat- and if you want to continue to use container i have about 50 extra ones from the NICU-some new but most used used but clean (dishwasher safe) ill ship em out to ya free! I am using my milk faster than i can store it up so many of these containers are just sitting here.
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