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Cool Re: Finding a sitter on craigslist?

Well, I have gotten several daycare jobs from craigslist. I didn't post, but I reply to posts looking for someone if it's a good fit. I think it's a great way to find people. All of the people I sit for are fantastic and we hang out other times as well. I get some new friends this way! I am very paranoid and if the tables were turned and I was looking for a sitter I would:
--Meet her at her house: You learn a lot about a person by their house. Pay attention to the discipline or lack thereof when she deals with her on child (so have an interview..but an informal playdate one so you'll be there about an hour and get to see how she interacts with her child and yours and how she handles things). How she she very strict or one of those moms who hardly watches the kids or gives in to every request? Plus, is she a tidy person?

--Background check and references!! I know you said you would do this. I don't know how many people asked me if I had references and I told them I did and had them ready for them at the interview and they never asked for them, but hired me anyways. They never did a background check...and interviewed me for about 10 mins. I was totally shoked but had about 5 interviews and they all hired me. They just got lucky I wasn't a psycho, but I have no clue how they felt okay leaving their kids with a complete stranger like that (especially since on of the kids was a 3 week old preemie, hello?? Please check my references..some psycho could've easily taken off with their teeny-tiny precious baby...she was so adorable and so tiny!!).

--My last advice is the first babysitting job, have it while you are there. If she is watching them at your house, have her come over and watch them while you clean or something for 2 get to hear how she handles things, see how she follows your instructions, etc. Don't just stand there watching her, be in another room getting some stuff done, but you can hear some things here and there and it will really put your mind at ease when she's babysitting if you have an idea of what's happening at your home while you are out.

That's all! That's my 2

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