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Re: I Could Never Live Without Wool By My Side...Sat. Wool Lovers

Originally Posted by plath View Post
morning! I just finished a pair of small longies, and have cast on for a skirty for dd now that my customs are finished up (hopefully just for now...).
Dd had her 9 month WBV yesterday (at 10 months old) and the dr said she's about to cut 4 teeth. Our toothless baby is teething like mad and she's not sleeping worth a darn. Ugh. Dh is out of town, so hopefully she lets me get a little knitting done today. It took her forever to get to sleep last night.
Ugh. teething sucks. One or the other of my boys has been teething for the last 6 months, and I'm so over it. Roman has 7 teeth now and the 8th is about to cut through any day, but Joel only has 2, so we have a long road ahead with that one.

Hopefully your little one's teeth come through soon and you and she can both get some rest.
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