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Re: BSRB Chatter Weekend Edition

Originally Posted by Mom2BabiesA&I View Post
Yea we are in a unique situation though because a lot of people are looking to downsize into something the size/ price range we are selling and looking to sell stuff the size/price range we are looking in.

The other problem is this place needs some stuff done (paint, patched holes etc) that would require moving a whole mess of stuff (we are talking living room) and I just dont see how thats possible with the kids here...we dont have any other space to put them during the day so I dunno.

We are also giving thought to moving into a new house, fixing up this one and then renting it out while it is on the market so that way at least we can pay the mortgage with the rental $$...we were paying $40 a month less in rent just down the road for a house with one less bedroom and one less bathroom...

I dunno, lots of logistics
I completely understand. I'd like to paint too, but there is no way with 2 kids running around. the paint isn't bad at all but you know, just grungy or something.
Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
sounds nice to build your own home

hope things really improve in the market for us
I guess we are in a good situation to build our own house. FIL and DH built the IL's house. FIL is a roofer with lots of friends and other family members who are in the construction business. Dh actually built our over-sized 2 car garage on our house we are in now. Get got in on this house when it was still being built 4 years ago so we got to pick all the paint, floors, cabinets, etc.
Originally Posted by Mom2BabiesA&I View Post
Yuck Maya, I am sorry you are feeling so trapped. Thats no fun at all. Seems like there are a lot of upside down mortgage people these days. I hope it improves soon!

I only feel trapped in the total lack of space sense. There is no basement and functionally its only a two bedroom with no basement....the amount of junk my husband has that he refuses to get rid of is out of control.

If we had a basement we could make it work but just isn't space. Plus when DD gets into a toddler bed she would have to move into DSs room because the room she is in now (with her crib) is *totally* unsafe for a child to be in unless they are contained.
I feel so trapped by lack of space too! We have a family room, kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms and I really need a office/sewing area. Right now now, the computer is in the family room and I sew at the kitchen table.
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