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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

Originally Posted by Mom22Boys2005 View Post
I cried when they took my first to do his circ...bawled...because I knew it was an unneccesary procedure that he would have been perfectly ok without, and in pain from having. Still, I knew it was the right decision for us, which is why I made it before I was emotional and PP hormonal, and I have no regrets whatsoever. You just have to do what is right for you and yours, and don't look back.
I just had to at this. Not to offend... but you knew it was a painful procedure that was UNnecessary... and yet you did it anyway? I do not understand this mentality at all. Why on earth would anyone cut off a perfectly functioning part of their unconsenting childs body just because?

Your apendix does far less for you, you run the risk of needing it removed because of infection later in life and yet you'd be laughed at if anyone wanted to remove it from a healthy baby just because... and yet the foreskin, which has lots of "jobs" to do is routinely removed as a preventative meausre. *shakes head* Any part of your body can get infected without proper care. We don't chop other parts off willy nilly, I do not get why foreskin is different.
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