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Re: I stalk wool with a little help from my friends...(sunday)

Morning all!! I can't type too much as I'm excited to go knit on RFR.

Dev, I think your fish is darling...and I'm curious too! If you choose to felt, expect about 30% shrinkage. To sew on, either use the yarn, or get an embroidery floss. Not's a bugger. I too think you may want to consider duplicate stitch. It's really not hard, just time consuming. No more time consuming than stitching a felted piece on though.

Melissa...what a sad situation. Any chance he could have custody of the baby if she's unstable? If he ever wants custody or visitation...he should be 100% sure of paternity and get on the birth certificate. Yay for NB knits though!

Lisa! Cute skirty! Love "boyish" colors all girlied up. And the flamingo is darling!!

Teresa...can't wait to see your clapotis!

Off for my coffee!!

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