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Dr loved the cd!

I haven't been on here in quite a while. I've been dealing with Elijah's problems. He was passing blood in his stool. Come to find out he is so allergic to casein that he can't even tolerate the casein naturally in breast milk. He's now on Neocate formula.

Anyway, I had to take him to a gastrointerologist and he started to take Elijah's diaper off to get a stool sample and when he unlatched the velcor on his Diaperfairy diaper I think he was expecting to find a diaper under it(I think he thought it was some sort of clothing). He kind of stepped back and said "What the heck is this?". I told him it is a cloth diaper and he said "Cool!"

That's the first time I've put one on him when we have been to the dr.

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