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Re: a basic weekend... chat and share a recipe????

good night! I think I'm heading off to bed too....I got some of my to do list done today so I'm super sleepy!

I cut DS's hair it was starting to look like the pic again
I cut the back of DD1's hair it is so thick it almost breaks the scissors!
I cut DD2's bangs so she can see, the back was fine
I cut the back of DD3's hair and her bangs
I helped my bf buzz his hair
cleaned up all the mess from that
did 3 loads of regular laundry
got the kids to clean up most of their mess
DS cleaned his bathroom
DD1 cleaned the girls bathroom
emptied and refilled the dishwasher
let the kids play outside with their friends for awhile
cleaned 4 muddy scooters and 4 pair of muddy shoes

so we didn't:
do Valentine's
make part of my niece's b-day gift or
stuff diapers and take stash pics

guess there's always tomm!
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