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Re: BSRB Chatter Weekend Edition

Originally Posted by mrsdi View Post
Maya--I don't know a lot about the Duggars, so I can't really give my thoughts on that. I have a friend who believes it's only for procreation, but I can't say much more due to the family-friendly issue here.

Thanks for the info on the vinegar. I will give it a try.

I feel so dumb. I had no idea until today that Clorox Green Works was far from green. Although, I only was using it to clean the toilet.

I do use Miraclean to clean everything else and I love it. However, I am going to try the vinegar/baking soda for the shower to see how that works. DH actually brought some baking soda home from the store today...for what reason, I don't know. I'm going to use it to clean, which he would not expect.

Oh, and just a general are your DHs with incorporating green living into your household?
For me, I don't tell him anything I'm doing is 'for the environment.' I just say 'look, we have barely used any paper towels in a month! We are saving so much money' He loves the CDs because we don't need to buy them. (He doesn't know how much the stash cost, though. )
I have the hardest time with him and paper products. He LOVES using paper bowls, plastic cups, and plastic ware. His reasoning is because the dishwasher isn't full as quickly. I try to stop buying them, but he keeps bringing them back in the house.
With him, he LOVES hearing things are saving us money. However, with our latest water bill being $135, I can't start in on him with using the paper products. I have no point without talking about the environment, which he doesn't want to hear about.

I have not tried Clorox Green works yet... but was considering it. What do you mean it's not "green" I think you know something i don't so please fill me in (in the AM, as i am most certain you are by now or should be if you are not!

And i am starting to think our DH's were also separated at birth. I have all the same issues here, with the paper products, but if i manage to educate him on how things save $, and save the planet in tangible ways, he usually complies He tries to throw up the argument about water usage, too, though, so that is why i can't get rid of the paper plates, etc yet! Maybe we can devise a plan! I'll on that and get back to you!

Maya, you did not scare me off, i am just used to it tapering off at this time of night. I am doing laundry too, so I'll try to bbl but i wanna hang with my DH for a bit too
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