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Re: BSRB Chatter Weekend Edition

Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
oh no jen hoepfully youll find someone else w/ your fabric you want
ok this is really for the night crowd ladies
first i am not a religious person i do not mean to offend second i love the duggars think they have fine children and are fine people
ok but my mind wanders on crazy stuff sometimes
so they have said they do not allow dancing becasue of lustful thoughts
and they dress very covered adn lots of things
well i was wondering when they are "making love" is she allowed to enjoy it?
is that "dirty" or is it just to pro create
ok thats my crazy question
any thoughts
Originally Posted by serendipity10410 View Post
Ok, so it's the middle of the night (on the E coast anyway ) so I am going to enable you all one more time, hehe

My first fitted love has a gorgeous girly dipe going up on Weds at noon HC time here. If i had a girl, i may have had to go back one more time for that one! ok, so no one is here to be enabled, so i guess it's goodnight for me too!
Sara, I am here to be enabled because of myself and DH trying to get through all of the seasons of 24 on dvd (it's hard to stop watching) but I can't be enabled by B4s. I have never gone for one of my own volition, and I'm more secure than ever in not needing to try them However, Annie PMed me a Baby Bear set that I will die without tonight, so now I'm enabled by that
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