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Re: What will/do you do for school??

I am in love with the idea of homeschool. I think it is the perfect solution, in a perfect world. It isn't a perfect world though, so right now, my kid (4.5) is in a montessori. I just had a baby and i just didn't think i was at the place yet where i was prepared to take on hsing. I may still. But as long as ds is thriving in school i will leave well enough alone. If it stops working for him, i wouldn't hesitate to hs him.

I support hsing for the same reasons i adore montessori. Child directed, non-competitive, not a cookie cutter curriculum, respectful of the child, no comparison to others, no rigid timelines, etc etc. My kid is already reading and he's been there 4 months. He just loves it. It is so joyful about school. Just a vastly superior way to educate children. (my parents are both regular teachers, btw, and they think hsing is ideal but that montessori is a perfect second choice.

Truthfully, my heart is in homeschooling, but i am just not there yet...i've only been a sahm for the last year....before that i worked outside the home part journey may still wind up in homeschool.

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