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Re: pressure cooker?

Chicken soup. Place grate in bottom of cooker. Add 2-3 onions coarsly sliced and 1-2 cups of water and one whole chicken with inside bag of giblets removed. Place on heat according to your cooker's directions (mine is 20 min at 15 lb pressure) after "done" take off heat and immediately lower pressure (I put mine in sink with cold water) and remove lid. Remove chicken and separate meat from bones return meat to pot and add 6-8 chopped carrots and 5-6 stalks celery and lots of celery leaves. Replace lid and return to heat until pressure is reached. Again remove from heat and coolin sink. Soup is souper hot . to cool I add a can each of corn and green beans and stir. Might need to adjust amount of liquid and add salt or pepper to taste. Takes me about 40 min to make this. It will take longer but may be less scarry to let cool by just removing from heat rather than placing in cold running water each time. Any tough meat will come out so tender in a pressure cooker like corned beef and cabbage etc. Like a speedy slow cooker ! If you can strip dipes in a dishwasher, you can cook with a pressure cooker.
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