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Re: What will/do you do for school??

We knew before having kids that it was going to be a private Catholic school. Public school was out... I went to 13 of them and I can count on one hand how many were actually decent. However, our last duty location had schools on post and the preschool program was the best in the county. So we put our oldest in there and she LOVED it. But then we move out here to the boondocks of the desert, NO private school in a 40 mile radius and over my dead, torched, burned body will my children go to the schools here. So we homeschool.

Now that I've actually done it for a year and have REALLY learned what works/doesn't, we're going to keep going. I've already looked at the private Catholic schools near our next duty location and they are way too expensive and has a liberal program. Not happenin', kwim?

This works for us, fits our schedule perfectly (we can pick up and PCS in the middle of the school year without having to worry about our kids getting into a school system that is vastly superior or vastly inferior- it's happened, trust me).
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