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HUGE Rave for Tara at Little Liam's!

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a soaker from Little Liam's. I posted here about being disappointed that it was too big, and she pm'd me about it. She added leg cuffs for free (not even charging me shipping), and had it back to be really fast. Now, there was nothing wrong with the soaker in the first place, it was just too big. She went above and beyond to fix something that never had anything wrong with it.
And here's the best part: For the very first time, I now have a nighttime solution! I've woken up to a dry bed (Bella sleeps with me) every morning since I got it. How awesome is that?! I also got an adorable pair of longies from her, which are beautiful! She stocks at Mom's Boardwalk, and her stuff is really cute Plus, she's a DS mama, her name (unless she changed it) is MilkonDemand

Lookie at my baby in her awesome soaker...

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