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Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!

Okay, so we're going to keep track of every diaper our LO's use from wake-up until bed-time! Why? Because we have nothing better to do. Why not?

So save yourself a space and come back and edit whenever you get a chance, making a numbered list of what diapers you've used thus far. Feel free to elaborate on circumstances or events! Pictures are welcome, too! Consider it a running "What's on the bum?" thread!

I'll start mine here in the morning! See you then!


Getting a jump-start on tomorrow with the diaper he just fell asllep in...
(It's 2am, so it technically counts as Tuesday. LOL!)

1) Light yellow (Butternut?) bG 3.0 OS stuffed with a premium CPF & bamboo fleece doubler w/ a pirate map fleece soaker on top!

2) Fin Fancy Mutt 3sr, coverless

Eatin' Golden Grahms.

3) Brown Ooga Mutt 3sr, coverless

Digging through the toys.

4) Robots Mutt 3sr, coverless

I told him, "Lemme see your bum!" so he turned around and shook it.

5) Dinosaurs Mutt 3sr, coverless

Terrorizing Sissy with the Dora Dollhouse stuff.

6) Blue/Yellow dots L SS Blueberry minky for nap

He usually chooses Lemon Lime dots, so it was funny he picked this color today.

7) Orange Giraffes Mutt 3sr, coverless

Holding the banana by himself was a treat.

8) BB&E Mutt 3sr, coverless

He was pouting because I wouldn't let him play in the fire.

9) Woof Woof Mutt 3sr, coverless

Having a cookie with Sissy.

10) Construction Mutt 3sr, coverless

He fell asleep shortly after this in the Mutt so I changed him in his sleep.

11) Dark blue (Moonbeam?) bG 3.0 OS stuffed with a premium CPF & bamboo fleece doubler w/ a celestial fleece soaker on top!

His favorite soaker, but he wasn't awake to choose it. ^_^

So that's a good average of 10-11 diapers a day for us. All of the Mutts were chosen out by Baby Man himself with much deliberation and drama like always. (We have to go down the line naming nearly all the prints, then he has to debate the merits of, say, Fin Fancy compared to Go Fish. Yes, they both have fishies, but which fishies is he REALLY in the mood for? LOL!) The only difference to this list would have been if we'd left the house to run an errand, then we would have used an embroidered GAD. Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere today, though.

This was fun, especially reading everyone's lists and seeing what actually got used! Thanks for playing with me, Ladies!

-Kelli, single mama to 16 y/o Callista and 11 y/o Rickson.
Been hanging around here since 2008.

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