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Re: Tuesday's Mutt Game - Everyone's welcome to play!

Overnight: Pink BG OS, 2 micro inserts, heavily wet
1. Pink BG OS, knew the am BM was impending
2. Papillion Butterfly 3SR under her pink/raspberry/chocolate/caramel ruffle longies
3. Rainbow Shine 3SR for naptime... even though the last dipe was barely damp, we dont take naptime chances. lol
4. BM # 2, changed into Aqua and white dots BSRB
5. Smelly BSRB? Hmm. Changed into Rose Fairy 3SR
6. Had BAD afternoon with both kidlets. DD ended up napping in the Rose Fairy 3SR, usually would have changed her... in the end she was ok. But had huge blowout as soon as she awoke. (Hoping it was just the prune she ate and not my stomach thing) Into Med T&T Mutt Rose Fairy (again! lol)
7. Ok umm I left her longie-less for about 10 mins and now she needs a new diaper. She was soaked thru already. Ack. Into a large BS Mutt Robins Egg Blue and Chocolate floral
8. Quick change in to Lovely Lotus 3SR Mutt before our bathtime
9. BG OS White double stuffed with micro for bedtime. THE END.
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