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Re: suggestions for cooking a ham?

Originally Posted by shell015 View Post
Soak it in beer overnight if possible..but at least an hour... . just one can. Take the beer out but save it. Put it in your oven at 300 degrees for like 10-12 hours...depending on how big it is and baste it with the beer every once in a while.Do not let it cook in the beer or it will taste like it. But do add a little to it every once in a while. It will come out fall apart good. We aren't beer drinkers and it is awesome.

If you are not a beer person do an equal parts honey and water mixture... 12oz same size as a beer with the same directions as above. HTH
Oh this sounds like a good idea, thank you!!!!
Im so used to the pre cooked hams, this is all new to me

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