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Re: Cost of duty for new diaper from US?

Originally Posted by lilsonicfan View Post
You can always call Border Services if you want to know specifically. Generally for clothing not made in North America, duty is around 18%, and then you have to pay PST and GST as well (or HST or whatever.) Last time I called, they told me that if it was made in the US but the material was made in Asia (eg) then there would still be duty. Kind of odd. But anyway, depending on where you buy from, you often don't really have to pay duty, as the above poster said it depends on how the item is shipped. UPS and Fedex will always charge duty plus taxes plus a steep brokerage fee. Canada Post often does not.
This has been my experience exactly...sales tax, duty and hefty brokerage fees. I was told by customs that the only way for this not to occur is for the value to be less than $20 or for it to be a gift. I think if you google border services or customs you will be able to find a site that explains it all....I once bought used sleepers off ebay for my ds and ended up paying more in fees then for the sleepers themselves and by the time that was all said and done I could have gone to the store here and bought new ones for less. I am pretty leery after that experience...good luck!
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