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Re: B2B - Back to Basics "Why are these pink?!" Tuesday

Well they were fixing a mini power outage at work and ended up shutting down the power for an entire block so I'm home early.

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Yes, KAri, from today. Ugh.

I really admire you guys who have unplugged from the TV. We are hardwired into it. It's a struggle to keep the kids to two hours a day. Do you rent a lot of movies? We do, on top of TV. THe kids watch all educational TV and disney or disney-type movies...except for DH's football and music videos (he watches old classic videos, prescreened, not the risque ones in front of them) and then when #1 spends the night at grandma's house, evidently they eat hotdogs and cheetos and watch infomercials LOL, thus the snuggy reference.

I think I and the kids could do without cable, we'd just watch movies on occasion and TV from the internet, but DH would never do it. But I could never unplug from internet, and there's not a cost-effective way to do high-speed internet only.
We have DSL-only from Qwest for $35/month, and our phone is Vonage over the DSL line so $28/month, no cell phones or TV. The cheapest for adding cable would bump it up to $99 for a short promo and then $115 and up a month. And we watch DVDs, and I'm starting to check out online TV, but not much.

Originally Posted by beck2boys1girl View Post
Ugh....Bethann you aren't the only one dealing with money problems today...

Dh is home sick and I decided to raid his wallet to write down the subway runs that we have made this weekend...and I found 2 receipts that I had no idea about...a $25 dr co-pay and a $45 fuel bill

So not only am I overdrawn until tomorrow-I can't even afford to e-file my taxes to get my $2600 back

Originally Posted by mamazluv View Post
also for medical stuff. we use the thing where a certain amount is deducted weekly throught the year... like we said $1500 and then they distribute it through the year. and then we get a debit card to pay for co pays, rx, tylenol and all that kind of stuff. i used it last year to get a super nice breast pump... the $ they deduct is off the gross, so it isnt taxed and like i said it can be used for other stuff. its nice for $$$$$ prescriptions. i have had some that is $150 for a month.... we couldnt do it without the card. ask about it at work...

thats funny i sound like a commercial
I'm waiting for my debit card to show up...
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