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Re: B2B - Back to Basics "Why are these pink?!" Tuesday

Originally Posted by mamazluv View Post
Shirley, I love that picture of your DH with DD. So sweet!

I love the pictures of everyone's LOs!

Originally Posted by dragondance View Post
Yeah, it's a lot easier to talk to my imaginary internet friends than real people

Originally Posted by MaMaMeA4 View Post
When are we doing stash pics again? I've got my stash updated - of course I think I'd like a couple more TicketyBu bamboo terry pfs to be really content.
I agree, we should do more stash pics! When could everyone have some pictures ready? I'm doing diaper laundry tonight or tomorrow morning, so I can take pictures about Friday for posting them all, or would Monday be better?

Originally Posted by Bethannp View Post
Heidi In case it got lost in the earlier shuffle. Soaking w/ 6 scoops of oxiclean for 2 hours (part of my massive remove bacteria stripping) worked to remove dye that had bled from wool onto a print diaper.
Thanks! I soaked it overnight with like 4 scoops I think, and when I checked today they're still pink but slightly less so. I think I'm to the point now where I'm okay with the idea of them being slightly pink, I guess they'll fade eventually.

Originally Posted by Macyllehub View Post

Great dye job!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Yes, KAri, from today. Ugh.

I really admire you guys who have unplugged from the TV. We are hardwired into it. It's a struggle to keep the kids to two hours a day. Do you rent a lot of movies? We do, on top of TV. THe kids watch all educational TV and disney or disney-type movies...except for DH's football and music videos (he watches old classic videos, prescreened, not the risque ones in front of them) and then when #1 spends the night at grandma's house, evidently they eat hotdogs and cheetos and watch infomercials LOL, thus the snuggy reference.

I think I and the kids could do without cable, we'd just watch movies on occasion and TV from the internet, but DH would never do it. But I could never unplug from internet, and there's not a cost-effective way to do high-speed internet only.
We don't have cable here, just movies (the ones we own and a lot of Netflix every month). DH and I are both paranoid about bit torrent stuff so we don't usually download shows or movies unless we're paying for them through iTunes or something. We had cable before we moved here, and I found that I had it on a lot when I wasn't watching it, so I'm glad for DS's sake that I don't have that option here. DH prefers movies to TV anyway, and I don't really care that much either way.

Originally Posted by beck2boys1girl View Post
Ugh....Bethann you aren't the only one dealing with money problems today...

Dh is home sick and I decided to raid his wallet to write down the subway runs that we have made this weekend...and I found 2 receipts that I had no idea about...a $25 dr co-pay and a $45 fuel bill

So not only am I overdrawn until tomorrow-I can't even afford to e-file my taxes to get my $2600 back
sorry, that's so frustrating!

I was sort of medium nerdy in junior high and high school. In junior high and through about 10th or 11th grade I was really active in youth group so I didn't mind as much that I wasn't one of the cool kids at school, then senior year I was sort of on the fringes of the cool kids and that resulted in all sorts of embarrassing behavior to try to maintain the semi-cool status. I was always really insecure and shy, well into my early 20s. Because I was shy people used to assume I was stuck up, and I got a lot of the "ice queen" type references all through high school and college.

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Ok, I finally made a deer corn heating bag. It's like a rice sock, but evidence I've researched and long forgotten suggested that deer corn is a better option. So I bought a giant bag of deer corn (because they don't sell small bags and it's only $6) at the start of deer season, whenever that was, and it's been sitting in my garage for months. I finally opened it today and made a quickie one, probably the equivalent of 4 cups in a freezer gallon ziploc, covered it with some sweatshirt scraps. Heated it in my 1200 watt microwave for two minutes and put it on my sore baby-carrying back. It was a lot hotter than I expected, and it stayed HOT for 25 minutes. It still had residual heat in it an hour later. I'm totally sold on this, it's a great idea. Going to try to bag up a bunch tomorrow or next day, make the covers later, before the bugs figure out I've got a giant bag of open food in the garage.
That sounds great, I'll have to tell my mom about that -- she has a bad back and I know they've probably got a bunch of deer corn around since they feed squirrels and other critters out at their place.
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