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Re: BSRB Why Me Wednesday...

Morning Tana and Allison!

Tana, I'm so sorry about your rough night and morning. It will get better...

I'm just popping in with you early bird mamas to say a quick hello before the thread gets away from me, like it usually does...

Just got back from the exercise class. I'm really enjoying it and am feeling a difference in my energy level only 2 weeks into it.

QOTD: I live in Ottawa, Canada's capital city and love it here. LOVE it. It's the 5th biggest city in Canada, population of about 1 million. It's a beautiful place, lots of green space, parks, bike trails, the largest outdoor skating rink in the world. There are tons of children, so it's a family friendly place to be. I enjoyed it before kids too. Because it's the capital, it's not unlike DC, in that it's a civil servant town. Most people work for the federal government in some way. The only downer is that we are 2 hours away from family...

Off to start the day. I'll BBL...

Canadian mama to 2 darling girls and a sweet baby boy
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