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Re: B2B - Back to Basics Wet n' Wild Wednesday

Originally Posted by maman08 View Post
To wrap up my pink diapers saga from yesterday, I've included some pictures for your amusement and viewing pleasure. Even an overnight Oxi soak (and about four washes yesterday with OxiClean, regular bleach, Borax, and Tide) didn't do a whole lot to get rid of the pinkness, so I guess it's here to stay. I included one regular ub premium in the first picture so you can see the contrast a little better, but they look pinker in real life than they do in these pics:

Sigh. If only I a) had a girl or b) liked pink.

I'm off to the commissary, bbl!
So sorry for the pink...I hope the fix offered work.

Originally Posted by Kryster View Post
I think I am anxious to get this baby out and I have 4 weeks to go. I have been having random mysterious pains possibly BH contractions, possibly irregular contractions. I don't know, I've never done this before. I think baby has dropped as my appetite came back and the heartburn lessened. not to mention the sudden movement way down in my groin.

MH ate all night long must get up and. She is of course sleeping snuggled with her Daddo now and I have to get ready for school.....

WOTB: LL fitted and night woolies ( we dont really have a night time diaper as she wakes up dry most mornings then pees a gallon 10 minutes after she gets up)

WOTA: work unitl 10:30 then off to Gallup foe training with other district librarians. We try to get together for training atleast 1 a month since we are all solo librarians and it gives us a chance to bounce stuff off eachother.

WFD: where ever we choose to eat out
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