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Re: We need to advocate more...

"To investigate public attitudes toward breast-feeding, which play a key role in whether a woman decides to initiate and persist with breast-feeding..."

SEE now, WHY do people let OTHER PEOPLE decide for us, what is best for our child. You would rather "help" your child have a higher risk for excema and asthma and all the other crap...and spend loads of money that could go to many other things, just because OTHER PEOPLE don't like it!!! That's what KILLS ME!!!

I can totally understand mom's who couldn't not make breastfeeding work, I give them props for "trying"...but ones who just say, no I don't want to do that in public, or so and so doesn't like the idea of me bfing. Well heck you owe it to your child to still do it and just do it in private if it's that bad. You haven't even TRIED, that's what makes me so mad. I bf and never ever show my breast, it's not hard to do. I have had people walk up to me and talk to me and talk to the baby and touching him while I am nursing, men even...and they had no clue!

Why can't people just mind their own darn business and let people do what they need to do. Heck I get more PEEVED when people sit in a restaraunt with their celll phones ringing the whole time and talking loud and obnoxiously or using SPEAKERPHONE for goodness sakes! You know, you don't HAVE to look.

ok, sorry had to vent! That part of the issue just drives me CRAZY!
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