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Re: B2B - Back to Basics Wet n' Wild Wednesday

Originally Posted by my1hd View Post
Good morning.

I get my car today Have I mentioned we have been car sharing for like ummm 6 mths now and the car we were sharing is not practically dead??? I'm sooh appy to have a car and be able to leave the house whenever i want!! Oh the little things in life LOL.

I was finishing up yesterdays thread and Cheryloo you soooo need to move to a colder climate.

WOTB: LL capri and an a thirsties cover

take some better pictures of her Newborn stuff for FOST.
clean clean clean
laundry laundry laundry
Spend more time playing and just being silly with my kids. I have not been the best mommy since my 3rd trimester.
How awesome about the new car! DH and I shared a car for the 10 months we were back in the States between assignments and again for the first two months we were here, and it got really old really fast. It's so nice to have a second vehicle.

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
So sorry for the pink...I hope the fix offered work.

MH ate all night long must get up and. She is of course sleeping snuggled with her Daddo now and I have to get ready for school.....

WOTB: LL fitted and night woolies ( we dont really have a night time diaper as she wakes up dry most mornings then pees a gallon 10 minutes after she gets up)

WOTA: work unitl 10:30 then off to Gallup foe training with other district librarians. We try to get together for training atleast 1 a month since we are all solo librarians and it gives us a chance to bounce stuff off eachother.

WFD: where ever we choose to eat out
MH and Stephen (my DS) must have been talking yesterday, because he was up a bunch last night too. I hate teething. Really, really hate it.

Originally Posted by MommyScott View Post
all the diapers I did for Peter and Lily two days ago I love the colors! The only one that didn't turn out well was the Lilac... silly color ALWAYS gives me trouble

Those are beautiful! I love the burnt orange and turquoise...DS has a couple of pairs of Zutano pants that are orange, turquoise, red and brown, and they're my favorite of his "regular" clothes. I love those colors together.
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