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Re: big family moms....diff between DC#2-#3?

Originally Posted by chelle0518 View Post
Two to three was easy for me! I'm contemplating a fourth now, so I'm either totally or comfy with the transition! I think it depends on your oldest is an easy to deal with kind of guy. He was 22mo when #2 was born. I couldn't fathom a third when DS#2 was 22 months b/c he was nuts! (still is) But he was 3 when #3 was born and it worked. You'll know what's right for you!
This sounds a lot like our family...but our #2 was a wild girl I thought going from 1-2 was way harder than 2-3. I was not prepared for how more work a 2nd would be. You just don't have any time for yourself. #1 was 22mos when dd was born and dd was 3 1/2 when #3 was born. After 2 kids you're already busy so with more you just stay busy and you're already used to having no time for yourself

I'm not strict AP, I just go with what feels right and what works with each kid. My dd was a power sleeper, slept through the night at 6 wks...yes she was bf'd But both my boys ended up in bed with us. Whatever gets you sleep works for me!

I would love to have a 4th but it would have to be before I get a taste of freedom
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