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Re: B2B - Back to Basics Wet n' Wild Wednesday

Good morning, mamas! Well, I've been coming to this thread for a few days now - looks like I'm officially addicted. All of you ladies are so much fun!

WOTB: pink/blue dyed LL flat under a pink Bummis Super Brite

WOTA: pay bills, choose songs/do powerpoint for Bible study, stop by the post office, dr appt for me (I have a weird, red, super-itchy, cracking rash on my right hand ), 2 loads of laundry

WFD: Something to use up 1/2lb ground sausage - any ideas?

Originally Posted by Kryster View Post
good morning.

sorry about the pink colouring- just make sure you put covers over those ones? I have 2 pink covers and I'm having a boy- just gonna make sure those are under clothes

I think I am anxious to get this baby out and I have 4 weeks to go. I have been having random mysterious pains possibly BH contractions, possibly irregular contractions. I don't know, I've never done this before. I think baby has dropped as my appetite came back and the heartburn lessened. not to mention the sudden movement way down in my groin.

WOTA- I was thinking of making pizza dough- one for dinner, one to freeze and making a chicken casserole to put in the freezer as well. I cooked the chicken yesterday. MIL might come by and pick me up for lunch mind you she cancelled last week- so we'll see.

WOTB- heheh amniotic fluid would be my guess
Hang in there, mama, you're almost there!

Originally Posted by my1hd View Post
Good morning.

I get my car today Have I mentioned we have been car sharing for like ummm 6 mths now and the car we were sharing is not practically dead??? I'm sooh appy to have a car and be able to leave the house whenever i want!! Oh the little things in life LOL.

I was finishing up yesterdays thread and Cheryloo you soooo need to move to a colder climate.

WOTB: LL capri and an a thirsties cover

take some better pictures of her Newborn stuff for FOST.
clean clean clean
laundry laundry laundry
Spend more time playing and just being silly with my kids. I have not been the best mommy since my 3rd trimester.
That is outstanding about your car!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was without one for about 6 months when DS was little. What a pain. It wouldn't have been so bad except that I was in an upstairs apartment (with no elevator) and our apartment was situated at the bottom of a very steep hill. Plus I was preggo with DD, so I was pretty much stranded at home... all day... every day. I was starting to go

Originally Posted by beck2boys1girl View Post
I have no idea whats for dinner here....depends on how many of us are still puking

WOTB: medium old style fuzzi bunz under fleece jammies...he is really fussy today again

I have a few things that I have to get done and lots that I wanted to...but alas I don't think it will be very much with fussy butt today...

Question for ya...from wovens over time delevop pin holes? I made my prefitteds from woven diaper cuts t hat I already had...just wondering....

And has anyone used fleece succesfully in the summer months? Ie soakers and shorties....I missed out on all of my woolies being sick. 2 of them got sold to othes since I wasn't able to pay of the others got traded and the last one didn't like my trade after seeing it....
Just for your sick little ones

And MommyScott- gorgeous dye jobs, girl! I'm a sucker for that turquoise!
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